Take precautions in time!

Heritage and gift tax law is a difficult legal matter today.


Especially in East Westphalia, where a large number of small and medium-sized companies are facing a generation change, a large number of asset transfers in the coming years through gifts among the living or through death.


For everyone who wants to preserve and increase their acquired or inherited assets, it is important to make provisions in good time. This requires competent advice.

          Our Services

          TEAM supports you both in the run-up to asset transfers as well as in the case of the acquisition of assets by

          • planning and advice on the transfer of assets, succession including heritance and gift tax planning
          • tax and legal support for personal asset dispositions with regard to profitability, security, liquidity and tax minimization
          • development and implementation of a strategy for tax-optimized structuring, taking into account personal, family, business, legal and tax aspects
          • reduction of the tax burden within the legal possibilities

          What is under lock and key is safe. What is used intelligently brings profit.