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The restructuring process requires a well-founded company analysis in order to develop a suitable target structure. The successful implementation of a reorganisation requires sound business management, commercial balance sheets, corporate and tax law knowledge.


Here we support our clients in the early detection of crises, the diagnosis of the causes of the crises and the development of restructuring measures.


During a crisis, and especially in the run-up to a crisis, the parties involved, primarily the managing directors, but also shareholders, credit institutions and creditors, are exposed to very considerable liability risks, which have been considerably exacerbated by the case law of recent years. Such liability risks can arise, for example, from credit negotiations and contracts concluded for this purpose, in connection with taxes or the payment of social security contributions, especially for managing directors.
There is also considerable liability potential in cooperation with other companies and corresponding cooperation agreements. The change in the concept of over-indebtedness caused by the financial market crisis must also be taken into account here. It is necessary to react to these pitfalls by means of a legal reorganisation through - partly modified - strategies and approaches to solutions.


The key objective is to develop convincing entrepreneurial perspectives and  anchoring long-term competitive structures. We would like to enable you to recognize a possible crisis at an early stage, to take the right measures in good time, to avoid liability risks for management and shareholders in the area of conflict between attempting to retructure and to file for insolvency, to consistently use restructuring opportunities and thus to preserve the company. If insolvency cannot be avoided, we will show you the possibilities of consistently using an insolvency proceedure for reorganization purposes.

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          TEAM offers you the development and implementation of a reorganization concept from a single source.


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